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Since 1924 Jenkins Springs, now trading as West Coast Suspension, have been providing springs, shock absorbers and associated suspension components to Australian and International 4X4 suspension markets. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide quality products and personalised service. All our suspensions are designed in house and field tested prior to release ensuring an integrated and tailored after market suspension package that rivals OEM standards for fit, ride, load capacity and serviceability.

Our suspension is available through a network of dealers or we can fit in house at our own facility ensuing a same day turnaround. Our GVM suspension upgrades all comply with ADR rules and have undergone sine and dwell testing for full volume compliance with Bosch Australia for ESC and ABS stability and response ensuring OEM on board systems are not compromised and operate up to expected standards with our after market suspension.

Our customers span several industries from recreational four wheel drivers, to the mining and resource industry, agricultural sector, road transport and heavy haulage. Suspension is what we know and what we do so our clients can rest assured of a product and service that will meet and hopefully exceed their expectations. If it’s on road, off road, towing a load, or in a mine pit or on a farm, then we have a suspension that will meet your requirements.

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